Did this business used to be located in Waihi?


Who owns it now?

Pete and Fliss, the current owners had a pair of GPD Cape Cod chairs, liked them so much they bought the business. The business has now been transferred from Waihi to Mt Wellington.

Are the kitsets easy to put together?

Yes, all the necessary screws and driver bit to use on the screws are included in the kitset.  All you need is an electric drill.  There is an easy to understand step by step instruction leaflet with pictures in the kitsets.  You can also view an instruction video on our Facebook page and website to see how to put the chairs together

“Are the kitsets ready to paint?”


Should I assemble first and then paint or paint parts first and then assemble?

You can do either. There are pencil marks on some of the components to assist in putting the furniture together so if you are painting first you need to find these marks and use a sharp point to score a line over the pencil marks.

How much do they weigh?

The chairs are 12kg, the side table 8kg, round table 9kg and footrest 2kg

Can I pick up from the factory?

Yes, we offer a click and collect for kitsets and paint orders. We are closed Mondays & Sundays.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we stand by our product. If upon delivery there is a defect in the product we will be totally ashamed and will rectify at our cost without delay.

Do you sell spare parts?


How is the curve at the back of the chair made?

This is the only part of the chair we have made for us off site.  It’s made by bending two thin pieces of pine and laminating (gluing) them together so the bend is maintained. We are the only manufacturer to do this. Our competitors use a block of wood and saw out a curve.