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Some samples of different settings and colours. Please note that the darker colours like Mondrian Blue and Hot Chile do not last as well as the lighter more reflective colours if in full sun. Please feel free to send a photo of your finished setting. If we like it enough to use in our magazine advertising we can refund 30% of the purchase price of that particular setting.

Hand painted by NZ Womans Weekly editor for her garden and magazine article
Local chairs painted Resene Hot Chile
White Chair with retractable footrest
White setting at a lovely Tauranga home
Young Teens relaxing on chairs painted Dulux Mondrian Blue
Cape Cod chairs brightening up a Wellington back yard
South Wairarapa Cape Cod chairs
Harbour views in Aviator blue by Resene
Cape Cod chairs at the bach
Cape Cod chair with cushion
Cape Cod chairs by the pool
By the pool close up
More Aviator blue
Baby on chair not baby chair
Cape Cod chairs in Aussie footy club colours
More chairs in Australia
Cape Cod chairs in Dizzy Lizzy
Cape Cod chairs in Flashpoint
Light blue Cape Cod chair in garden